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Taking a Break.

I’ve been taking a break from this space anyway but for the next few weeks, I’ll be traveling to see familyView full post »

Sisters: Conversations in Bed

I walk to the girls room, ready to throw open the door and tell them to be quiet. They are three and two years old andView full post »

Homemade Go-Gurts: Round 2!

A while back, in an effort feed my kids a little less HFCS and win mom of the year and do something pinterest-y, I triedView full post »

June 2013: Gracie and Neva updates

Grace is now three years old and if you ask her she’ll tell you. And then she’ll tell you that she’sView full post »

Camping in Big Bear

One of the most exciting things for us about moving to California was the proximity to the mountains. When Donovan and IView full post »

I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer.

No, not really. We’ve been listening to this song on repeat for a week straight. I mean like if we take a fifteenView full post »

Our Weekend

Just a few fun pictures from our “Girl’s Weekend.” We had a blast with the pool and the slide in theView full post »

Cooking with Kids

After reading Casey’s post about bonding with her kids in the kitchen, it got me thinking about the traditions weView full post »

It’s windy (our two mile drive to Donovan’s office).

First we stopped at local grocery store to discover the lights were out. Honestly, it was kind of fun shopping in theView full post »

The conversations I’ve had with G in the past ten minutes of quiet time.

G: Mom? I’m not tired. Can I be done with quiet time? Me: No. You’ve only been in there three minutes. IView full post »

Two Item Toddler Fun.

Arts and crafts aren’t normally my thing but I stumbled on this gem on Pinterest this morning and thought “View full post »

Day Two of the Not so Cleansy Cleanse and other notes on life.

So Day One of the Food Lover’s Cleanse went off without a hitch. Besides the fact that in the late afternoon IView full post »

A big long rant on the joy of toddlers and sleeping.

Over the past year, we’ve struggled with where to have the girls sleep. We live in an old, three bedroom home. ItView full post »

Gracie’s First Bad Day at School

She’s not a baby anymore. (and OMG I love this picture. The little mohawk. Her hair did that entirely on its ownView full post »