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Road trip!

So we’re packing up and headed to the land of triple digits – Phoenix! Gracie keeps telling people we’re going to the place where it’s always summer. The pic is Gracie and I a few days before we left. I was just barely pregnant with Neva. G was so little. It’s hard to imagine now. We couldn’t be more excited about going to one of our “homes.” Phoenix was the city Donovan and I met in, got engaged in, bought our first house and had our first baby in. We know the town and the restaurants (Postino, Yasu and La Piccola Cucina are top priorities) and are anxious to get back to do some exploring (and lounging by the pool).

We travel quite a bit with our girls but rarely by car. When we were in Texas, there wasn’t much that was within driving distance unless you wanted a weekend away still in Texas. So although I feel comfortable packing up the kids and flying solo with a layover all the way across the country, I’m a bit nervous about six hours in the car. First, because they have to be buckled the whole time.  And there isn’t that palpable feeling of excitement about cars like we’ve built about airplanes and airports for our girls. And lastly, what do I pack? I’m so limited on an airplane. Having the ability to just throw whatever I want in the backseat feels so freeing and so overwhelming at the same time.

So, spill. What are your favorite things to pack for a road trip with little ones? Any sage advice?

And a few links I’d love to share:

Have you seen the trailer for Stories We Tell? I can’t wait to see it.

I’m in love with Land of Nod’s new Eastern Shores collection. Especially that preppy polka dot bedding, the numbers poof, and the butterfly art.




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